Monthly Needle Felting

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Monthly Needle Felting



I am looking forward to our next needle felting adventure! Our next class will be Saturday, February 17th 10:30 - 1:30. We will be learning how to use armature in our felting work. This will enable you to give your creations structure without added bulk and help add even more personality to your creations. 


Supplies needed:


A foam block or brush to felt on

Needle felting needles (as you know, these have a tendency to break so bring plenty)

Roving in the colors you need for your project


Band aids ;)


Along with those supplies, please bring a photograph or picture of what you would like to needle felt. I am working on an elephant right now so I found a picture of an elephant I like on Google images. This will help you as a reference, we are not trying to recreate the picture, just using it for inspiration and proportion. It can even be a line drawing or cartoon! 

Thanks so much, I can’t wait to felt with you!


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