Flower Power

We spent a hot humid afternoon taking shelter from the heat and making these easy tissue paper flowers for the ceiling in the Craft Camp sewing room. They are cheap and cheerful!! You can make them any size depending on the size of the tissue paper you use. Of course for my purposes bigger was better, but how cute would some small flowers be on a locker ceiling? Love it! See directions below the photo

Just take 12 sheets of tissue paper (I used solid and some ombre style) and fan fold all 12 sheets together. Trim the short ends into a semi-circle then gather in the center of the fan with floral wire and tie tightly, leaving plenty of wire to hang your flower with. Then just gently separate the layers of tissue paper and form into a flower. The best part is, they are so light they can be hung with Washi tape. Do we need any more reasons to hoard that wonderful stuff?